Krissi Bohn as Jenna Kamara
Krissi Bohn as Jenna Kamara

‘Coronation Street’ star Krissi Bohn ripped her Achilles tendon during a netball match between the cast and crew, resulting in filming being disrupted.


The actress – who plays Jenna Kamara in the ITV soap – has thrown the shooting schedule into turmoil after her leg ended up in plaster following a nasty accident, in which she kicked herself in the ankle, while playing in a netball match between the cast and crew.

A source for the show told The Sun newspaper: “The stars love getting together for a game of netball. It’s great for morale and team spirit, but it’s a nightmare when things like this happen.

“Scripts will have been written weeks in advance and Krissi’s storylines will all be mapped out. Now they’ll have to be completely changed.”

Despite the awkward hard bandage around her ankle, Krissi has been able to resume filming to a certain extent and has been shooting scenes sitting down.

In a post on Twitter yesterday (12.08.13), she wrote: “Off to the cobbles! How splendid… #corrie #actingfromthekneesup (sic).”

Following the incident last week, Krissi took to the social networking site to share her pain with her fans, writing: “Uh oh!!! Netball injury already!! #kickedmyselfintheankle… Uh oh… #onwaybackfromhospital #notlookinggood #corrienetball

“I played rugby for years with no injury then one little bit of netball training… Achilles tendon… Booo… not lookin good!

“Torn my achilles tendon – just landed funny… What an idiot! (sic).”


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