Philip Mensah 25 was convicted on his own plea.

Prosecuting Chief Inspector Grace Bandoh said the complainant, the mother of the victim is a trader residing at Mallam-Gbawe.


The convict also live within the vicinity and operates his business there.

Chief Inspector Bandoh said the complainant travelled and returned on August 12, and at about 6:00pm could not trace the whereabouts of the victim.

The complainant therefore searched through the vicinity. During her search she came across some children who told her that they saw her heading towards the convict’s abode.

On her way, she saw Mensah standing in front of his kiosk and asked whether she has seen the victim, and he said no.

According to the prosecutor, the convict told the complainant that victim was his girlfriend.

The complainant entered the kiosk and saw her daughter lying on a student mattress.

The complainant brought the victim out of the kiosk and took her home. When the victim was quizzed by her mother, she told her that the victim called her into his kiosk and had sexual intercourse with her.

A report was made to the Police and medical form was issued to the victim to undergo medical examination.

When Mensah was arrested, he admitted the offence.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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