unnamed (12)New York Based Hip-Hop artist, CORMEGA, Calls His Journey The Motherland “Awakening” and Reflects on the Impact It Had On The Recording of His Latest album, Mega Philosophy!

“Africa connected my spirit to its origins and inspired me as an artist,” states New York based emcee, lyricist and poet,?Cormega?who recently traveled to Uganda, East Africa at the invitation of?Uganda Empowers,?on a mission to promote peace, brotherhood, and empowerment between continental Africans and those living in the diaspora.

The trip was coordinated by?Uganda Empowers,?a Ugandan based community organization who mission is to stop the spread of HIV, empower orphans, vulnerable children, and support families impacted by AIDS. Although Cormega has traveled the world, this was his first journey to the continent and he describes his first trip to Africa as “awakening” stating, “It was surreal! Never had I imagined that my music would bring me under the same African sky as my ancestors. I wanted to capture the feeling so I kept a journal, took lots of photos and plan on using the images in my upcoming video.” He adds, “I’ve traveled throughout the world and I’m always touched by the humility, modesty, and kindness of our people globally. It broadened my mind and elevated my ideas for “More” and “Rise” two songs completed upon my return.”

unnamed (13)Danyol Quinn Nelson,?Public Relations and Outreach Coordinator for Uganda Empowers was Mega’s guide for the entire journey and states, “Cormega spent time embracing the land, visiting schools, clinics, and building connections with members of our Uganda Empowers team. In addition to these wonderful acts, he donated clothes and shoes to members of our community, and upon his return had a laptop computer shipped back to the Uganda Empowers Computer & Internet Services Team. We are extremely honored to host such a respected musician. It was definitely an honor to have Cormega walk the soil and share his time and spirit with everyone. His visit impacted the lives of our staff, volunteers, neighbors, and friends.”

Hear?“More”?ft. London-based Zimbabwean born songstress,?Chantelle Nandi, and?“Rise”?ft Brooklyn based and international recording artist & humanitarian?Maya Azucena?on?Mega Philosophy

?All photos credited to: Danyol Quinn Nelson



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