Learning disabilities occur when the brain cannot receive, analyze, process or store certain types of information. It affects the reading, learning, writing, spelling or numerical skills of a person, which can be overcome with the help of leaning disability services.

Goal Of Leaning Disability Services

With the right type of support, people with learning disabilities can live a life with respect and dignity. Often people with specific learning problems suffer from low levels of self-esteem. In addition to helping people with learning disabilities to cope with the problem through different strategies, the goal of every care provider working with people with learning disabilities is to boost their confidence and self-esteem. After all a number of successful people on this planet including Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell and Walt Disney were Born With Learning Disabilities

Benefits Of Learning Disability Services

Improves Quality Of Life

The exact nature of the support that a person with learning disability needs depends upon the severity of the problem. People with mild learning disability usually need only basic support. Spending few hours each week with the care provider is sufficient for learning the strategies for coping with the learning disability. However, most people with moderate to complex difficulties need additional support daily or even round the clock in a care home. The personalisation of care model ensures that the care receiver can choose and control the support he/she is receiving.

Better Communication

The learning disability may inhibit a person?s ability to communicate with family, friends and others around them.

The problem is especially serious in people who cannot speak. A non-profit organization that supports people with learning disabilities assesses their communication difficulties and identifies the best strategy to help the care receiver communicate.
Housing Support

To provide the best quality support to people with learning disabilities, learning disability services work with housing partners, enabling the care receivers to find appropriate accommodation. Even when the care receiver is sharing accommodation with family or friends, the learning disability service helps them to adjust with others in the house, making life more pleasurable and comfortable.

Lead An Independent Life

By learning to cope with learning disabilities, the care receiver can lead a fuller and independent life. The learning disability services help the care receiver to manage finance and household bills. Care receivers can seek the assistance of the learning disability services while searching for employment and even while planning a vacation.

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