cop peter wiredu

COP/ Dr. Peter A. Wiredu

The Director of Ghana immigration Service (GIS), CoP/ Dr. Peter A. Wiredu has appealed to government to provide the Service with weapons to enable it fight border crimes effectively.

According to him, the lack of adequate budgetary allocation to the Service on an annual basis was negatively affecting its operations.

Dr. Wiredu, who was speaking at a two-day conference of Border Patrol Unit (BPU) commanders of GIS in Accra, said ?it is patently unacceptable and dangerous for security personnel to patrol in the bush, particularly during the night without weapons.?

He said a patrol man was stabbed in the line of duty at Kokosua No. 1 in the Sampa Sector, Brong Ahafo Region last year.

Dr. Wiredu therefore urged government to heed their plea and provide them with the adequately resources to monitor the country?s borders.

He noted that the BPU was facing numerous challenges.

Outlining some of the challenges, Dr. Wiredu said accommodation was a major problem confronting the Service as a whole and the BPU in particular.

He said accommodation challenges facing BPU were severe because in the rural areas where they perform their duties, private accommodation was not available for rental even in situations where funds were available.

In spite of the challenges, Dr. Wiredu said the BPU personnel have achieved a lot in their operations, stating that through their day and night patrols, they have been able to clamp down on criminal activities such as smuggling of petroleum products, drugs and human trafficking, as well as the prevention of undesirable elements from entering the country.

He said the Legal Directorate of the Service was working relentlessly towards getting the necessary legal framework to back BPU personnel in the use of weapons in the performance of their duties.

Kwesi Ahwoi, Minister for Interior, said government was aware of the fact that without equipping the BPU with the necessary equipment, it would be difficult for the unit to perform its primary role of protecting the country?s borders.

Mr. Ahwoi stated that ?it is the intention and commitment of government to support the GIS in its operations.?

By Cephas Larbi [email protected]


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