The methods of producing hydrogen peroxide incorporate the electrolysis technique (which incorporates the sulfuric acid method, the potassium peroxydisulfate approach plus the ammonium persulfate method), the anthraquinone procedure, the isopropanol strategy, the cathodic oxygen reduction procedure as well as the direct chemical hydroxide mix procedure. Whereby, the anthraquinone method is the first choice applied as being the technique of manufacturing hydrogen creation for producing hydrogen peroxide, and many companies are going to be when using the support of hydrogen peroxide plant in this approach. Now, we’re going to evaluate these hydrogen peroxide production strategies.

The electrolysis procedure

The formaldehyde machine was discovered during the electrolysis method of sulfuric acid in 1853.

The electrolysis technique was processed by way of continuous enhancement and became the primary system for creating hydrogen peroxide in the 1st 1 / 2 of previous century. The approach might be divided in the sulfuric acid method, the potassium peroxydisulfate technique plus the ammonium persulfate technique. The sulfuric acid system utilizes the electrolysis of aqueous sulfuric acid option to make the dithionic acid which can be processed as a result of hydrolysis and distillation underneath minimized strain to supply hydrogen peroxide. The potassium peroxydisulfate system is usually that ammonium sulfate and potassium sulfate are processed through reaction and after that processed as a result of sulfuric acid hydrolysis. The ammonium persulfate procedure is always that ammonium bisulfate is processed by means of electrolysis for being ammonium sulfate which is then processed by way of hydrolysis to produce hydrogen peroxide.

The anthraquinone system

The anthraquinone procedure is usually that performing remedy which incorporates 2-ethyl anthraquinone (100 to 110g / one) and ferroferric 2-ethyl anthraquinone (70 to 80 g / 1) and takes advantage of hydrogenated terpineol and benzene as solvents is pumped by using a dosing pump right into a hydrogenation reactor crammed with palladium catalyst and is particularly processed by strongly mixing and liquid suspension hydrogenation with the enable of steady influx of hydrogen. The oxidation remedy is filtered, goes into an oxidation tower from its the top which is processed by countercurrent oxidation with oxidation in the temperature of 40 ? to fifty ?. The hydrogenated anthraquinone is oxidized to become anthraquinone, and hydrogen peroxide is made at the same time.

The isopropanol procedure

The isopropanol technique is made with the US Shell organization. The oxidation reaction of isopropanol is often carried out the two in fluid section and gas phase through the manufacturing. The the isopropanol system is auto-oxidation. The cogeneration of hydrogen peroxide and acetone is realized by utilizing air for the reason that oxidation gasoline with out utilizing any catalyst.

The cathodic oxygen reduction technique

The cathodic oxygen reduction system is located by Traub in 1882. The procedure adopts the basic principle that hydroxyl ions (HO2) is made from the cathodic reduction of oxygen inside the electrolytic mobile with robust alkaline electrolyte and is then converted into hydrogen peroxide in the recovery unit.

The direct chemical hydroxide blend method

The direct chemical hydroxide combination approach adopts the theory that water free of natural solvents is utilized since the response medium, activated carbon is used as a provider of Pt-Pd catalyst, bromide contained in water medium is used as catalyst, the response temperature is 0 ?to 25?, and also the response strain is 2.9Mpa to 17.3Mpa. The percentage of hydrogen peroxide within the response items can get to 13% to 25%, along with the response is steady.

Among the mentioned methods, the ammonium persulfate method has high energy usage, small plant creation capability plus the consumption with the valuable platinum. The hexamine machine making use of the isopropanol approach is shortage of competitiveness and it has been outside of day. The item created by applying the cathodic oxygen reduction strategy is low-concentration alkaliferous aqueous hydrogen peroxide alternative. The direct chemical hydroxide blend procedure has large production charges, demands rough circumstances, and in addition has not recognized industrialization. The anthraquinone approach has the advantages of advanced creation technology, large diploma of automation, small merchandise charge, low power intake, no have to have of important platinum, and reduced intake of energy, steam and drinking water. The anthraquinone approach is well suited for mass production, and subsequently is widely adopted.

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