A meeting to examine motorcycle use for commercial purposes, with particular regard to road safety was held in Accra on Tuesday.

The day’s Regional Consultative Meeting is expected to come up with recommendations concerning the commercial use of motor cycles known as “okada”, that would best serve the interest of the state, in ensuring road safety.

Mr Daniel Nii Titus Glover, Deputy Minister of Transport, said road crashes in the country has reached an unbearable point and the time has come to tackle the situation from all identifiable angles.

The Deputy Minister, who is also the Member of Parliament for the Tema-East constituency, said whilst the constitution of the country did not permit the commercial use of motorbikes, which is popularly called “okada”, the practise has gained ground, and was serving several members of the public in many ways.

He said the meeting, therefore, was to take a stringent look at the issue of “okada”, and come up with conclusions that would best serve the interest of the state and the citizenry.

Mr Alidu Isahaku, President of the Okada Riders Association, said considering the large number of people that were employed by the commercial motor riding business, it is worth looking at the prospects of legalising the business.

He said while he appreciates the fact that some okada riders were ill-disciplined and reckless, the strict enforcement of road regulations by the police would weed out the bad nuts.

“I plead with the law-makers to give us directions and regularise our business, because it is serving as a means of employment for many young people,” Mr Isahaku said.

Participants of the meeting include police personnel, members of the National Road Safety Commission, officials from the Ministry of Transport and other stake-holders.


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