Othello is a tragedy about a black general in Venice, fooled into killing his wife. Othello, a general in Venice promotes Cassio; a young and brilliant officer to the high office of lieutenant. Iago, Othello’s advisor is envious of Cassio. Vowing revenge, Iago plans to destroy Othello and frame Cassio. Through a series of deceptive schemes, Iago tricks Othello into believing that Desdemona is having an affair Cassio. Maddened by his jealousy, Othello murders Desdemona and later learns the truth about Iago’s plan.

This play proves to be the biggest hit in the history of the School of Performing Arts; bringing together the finest of actors like Derrick Somena and others. One factor that fascinates me is the work of the Scenic designer; Nii Kwei Nash, a sensational young with an eye for colours and creative design. You will to be treated to a sweet bowl of treachery, deception, love, hate and passion. Come to the only place where you come face to face with your conscience, where you question your thoughts and reason. This is the play you must watch if you really want to know who loves and who loves you not. A play written directed by Edmond Etse Akakpo.

Source : Dziewornu-Norvor Woelinam Kurt

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