Consistent fasting, excessive intake of alcohol and other related drugs, as well as bad eating habits are said to be contributory factors of stomach ulcer, a chronicle disease that affects the internal organ of the patients particularly the intestine.

When developed, the disease is said to worsen the condition of the patient and can lead to other conditions which may eventually kill the patient

This was disclosed by Herbal Medicine Practitioner and Chief Executive of Abor Herbal Center at Gomoa Brofoyedur in the Central Region, Dr. Kobina Abor.

He revealed that when developed, ulcer patients finds it to take in food because the intestine has develop sore as a result of the corrosive nature of substances it contains which aids in the digestion of food, when one fails to eat at the right time.

According to him, when that happens, the substances then reacts on the stomach walls instead of on food, creating sore in the intestine which makes it painful for the patient to take in food.

He said activities like consistent fasting, excessive intake of alcohol and other related drugs as well as bad eating habits, especially eating late can make one to develop the condition of stomach ulcer.

He noted that though the condition can lead to premature death, herbal medicine can eliminate ??the condition entirely.

Dr. Abor, whose Centre produces Abor Herbal Mixture for the treatment of disease like piles, hypertension and stroke among others, and Abor soap for the treatment of all skin rashes made this revelation when he conducted The Moment round a ?newly acquired facility for the Centre.

He therefore advised the public to be conscious of their food and eating habit to avoid developing the condition.


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