Coastal attractions are the main highlight of Hurghada as it is located by the Red Sea. Its proximity to major tourist cities such as Sharm El Sheikh and Luxor compel tourists to plan holidays to Hurghada. While vacationing in Hurghada, you would never find dearth of aquatic adventure. Moreover, you can sit back on the powdery sand and feel the tranquility of nature. If you want to peep into the rich history of Egypt, you can visit the neighboring town of Luxor.

Luxor is located in the southwest direction of Hurghada. While visiting the site you can explore some of the most important Egyptian sites. History lovers planning cheap Hurghada holidays always prefer to travel to Luxor. While roaming around the historical city, you would come across variety of monuments, tombs and temples. One of the most important temples in the city is the Karnak Temple.

It is also known as Karnak Temple Complex as it consists of decayed temples, pylons and chapels.

Popular attractions in the complex are Precinct of Amun-Re, Precinct of Mut, Precinct of Montu and Temple of Amenhotep IV. Other important attractions in the city are Luxor Museum, Valley of the Kings, the Mummification Museum and valley of the queens. Qena is another historical region in the outskirts that creates an urge in people to plan cheap holidays to Hurghada. It is also located in the southwestern direction of the city.  It is not at all tough to reach the city as it has a great network of highways and roads.

Your visit to the city allows you to explore number of historical sites. One of the most important sites in the city is temple complex strategically located in Dendera area (in outskirts of Qena).

The Temple of Hathor is among the most popular temples in the complex. The Temple Precinct is another worth mentioning temple in Dendera. Cheap holidays in Hurghada are incomplete without visiting city is Sharm el Sheikh. This is one of the top notch beachfront regions in Egypt. To reach Sharm, you need to travel towards northeastern side of Hurghada. You can feel the serenity of tranquil waters as the city is located by the Gulf of Aqaba. While visiting the city, you would come across stunning bays.

The spectacular bays feature gorgeous sandy beaches. Scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the most popular activities that can be enjoyed in the beach waters. You can easily find hotels that offer snorkelling and scuba diving tours. Other popular aquatic activities that can be enjoyed are windsurfing, sailing, parasailing and glass-bottom boating.  While enjoying Hurghada holidays would be considered incomplete without visiting Port Safaga which is just 50 miles away. This port area has emerged as one of the top rated resort areas in Egypt. It is located by Red Sea. In other words, you won’t find dearth of refreshing tinge. Windsurfing is the most popular activity that can be enjoyed in the waters of Port Safaga. While diving in, you would come across variety of sea creatures and exuberant underwater vegetation.   

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