Somewhere in August 2012, the ministry of education cautions that tertiary institutions that do not follow the applicable entry requirements to admit students will have their accreditation revoked.


Consequently, the ministry directs the national Accreditation board (NAB) to publicize in consonance with the Tertiary Education Accreditation and Establishment Regulation (LI1984 2010), the applicable entry requirements to all tertiary education institution in the country.

Amongst this regulation were that candidates with grades D7 and E8 should not be admitted into any of the country’s tertiary institutions be it private or public. The order followed an audit inspection conducted by the board and the students who were at various levels were admitted with only proficiency certificates in computer studies and other courses.NAB, thus ordered some private universities to withdraw such students with grade D7 and E8 in one core subjects or elective subject.

Three categories of such students were identified. These are Higher National Diploma(HND)students without the requisite passes in the core SSCE/WASSCE subjects especially English and Mathematics .Mature subjects and others with qualifications not recognizes for purposes of admission to the nation’s tertiary education system. These students took the matter to court and won. The court however directed those universities to help organize remedial classes for such students to help them make those grades and also to organize classes for the affected students to catch up with their peers. End results was total waste of time and scare resources.

The question is why candidates with D7and E8 be prevented from accessing tertiary education whiles West African Examination Council (WAEC) recognizes those grades as passes?

In South Africa a students who does not intend studying science related course, can enter the University to purse tertiary education without studying mathematics. After all what is the use of allowing a candidate with C6 in all subjects -3 core and 3 electives (Aggregate 36)-per the current with 5-A1’s and D7 or E8 (Aggregate 12or 13)or preventing another with5 –B2’s and 1 D7 or E8(Aggregate 12or 13)from accessing higher Education.

I honestly have the strongest convictions that as nation we need to enhance much on dimensions, talents and potentials that are engraved in a person and as a county if we are bent on embarking on massive developments and reconstruction, we need to harness and unearth these endowments and talents in everybody especially the youth. Restricting and obstructing them by refusing them entry into tertiary institution just because of grade D7 or E8 does not really augur well and leaves much to be desired and therefore needs to be considered and consequently revoked that policy.

These denied prospective candidates eventually become very incensed ,peeved and distraught and some of them channel their energies and strengths into social vices like prostitution ,armed robbery, street hawkers, internet fraud or scammers in a bid to eke out a living as well.

Moreover due to this insanity policy has turned as a beast haunting youth and also yielded to numerous remedial schools which are not promoting the education system in Ghana. Such candidates find it difficult getting funds to register for those re-sit papers. This doesn’t augur well for the development and prosperity that we all dream of. I am therefore imploring and beseeching the ministry of education, national accreditation board and national council of tertiary education to revive their decision so that the countless number of prospective but incapacitated and vulnerable students who had D7and E8 can be given the platform to showcase their potentials that will eventually inure to the benefit of mother Ghana.

Subsequently, is ridiculous and pathetic to block a candidate from less endowed or remote area from pursing tertiary education, with fewer facilities, lack of teachers, but eagerly forced themselves in leaning to attain such grades. Also, as in this current era of admission requirements the then SSCE was and now accepted from grade A, B, C, D.

With this policy has rendered numerous senior high school leavers not being able to pursue higher education in our universities. These candidates have therefore resorted to pursuing tertiary programs in colleges of education, nursing training and polytechnics against their interest.

This situation has adversely affected the productivity of the nation in the wider view since the graduate that are churned out tend to work in fields devoid of their interest, and do not give their all for optimal productivity.We must begin to analyze and confer critically, evaluate our policies before instituting or implementing them.



  1. Hope giving post,so has the ministry considered offering admission to candidates with e8?….pls reply as soon as possible “wanna”enroll for JAMB pls.

  2. We are appealing to the government to do something about the D7 and the E8. If it’s not a pass mark then wacce should stop making it pass mark.

  3. Comment:we are appealing to the government to accept D7,E8 in tertiary institutions

  4. It is a cheat to allow someone with six c6 and deny someone with five b3 and a d7 from accessing tertiary institution in Ghana. So I’m pleading with the government to help we the youth

  5. Is a fact what is the difference between some one with d7 f9s who cannot go to school, because the d7 is pass while f9 is a fail but the d7 cannot go to school in fact is painful, please government should do something about the d7.

  6. Comment: I had d7 in science, d7 in English, e8 in maths, twi b3, crs c6, government c6. Can apply for the training college?

  7. I had 4bs and 3cs but one d7 ei.maths .am pleading with e gov’t to accept d7,cause e 2017 waccse maths questions were not easy ,so please accept d7 in maths

  8. Is better Waec should stop grading d7 and e8 as pass because it seems to be useless. They should grade it as fail marks because is not regarded at the various tertiary institutions. Please if i could ask now, what is essence of the d7′ and the e8 as pass?

  9. Comment:Even People with grade Fs still take them to school. Grade Fs should not be taken as fail because it is a qualified grade for some institution.

  10. In fact my brothers and sisters here have said it all. D7 and E8 shouldn’t be shown on the results slip as pass marks. They must take them out and make it clear that if you get F9 you have failed. period!

    I completed 4 years ago and because of D7 in maths am still at home which kind of wicked country is this.

  11. Very true,l have been in the house for five years all because l had e8 in maths, infact,our education system is very poor and they should do something about it as a nation,what kind of Nation is this?,Depriving her own youth in education and in talents that can help this country, pls do something about it for God sake, because e8,d7 is just a grade,having pass doesn’t mean you can’t pursue higher education,I am even said, just e8 still in the house

  12. Very true ,l have been in the house for five years all because l had e8 in maths and is very painful, infact,Ghana our education system is very poor and they should do something about it for God sake, what kind of country is this, Depriving her own youth not pursuing higher education due to d7 & e8 ,who can help this country in so many ways, d7 & e8 is just a grade ,kindly do something about it,because some youths are suffering for this.

  13. i had
    english f9
    social f9
    science c5
    maths c5
    government b3
    econs c6
    geography e8
    french c4
    can i go to any of the university or fire fighter,nursing

  14. I have been in d hse fr d past 5 yrs all bcus I had D7 in only mathematics .I had 4bs & 3cs. I’m pleading with d President & minister of education to consider D7 in tertiary institutions

  15. Hmmm Am even sad
    I had
    Please tell me if i can apply for general nursing

  16. Comment: The government is the cause of many robbery in the country. If you are not ready to change the education system then be ready for attack by the youth. your daughters and sons are all schooling abroad while you have strict in our system.God will ask you people for our live. just be at the office the right time will come

  17. Gosh I just checked my waec reult I passed excellently but 1subject which is Chemistry was a poor pass D7 don’t know it is accepted and am going for a chemistry course guys I need comments help out

  18. This admission requirement is really nonsense and needs to be reviewed.
    Someone can have admission with F9 in science and C6 in social studies but not D7 in maths and A1 in social studies.

  19. Pls the government should help cos it’s not right to deny someone who passed in all subject but had a D7 in maths..its not right since the person wouldn’t do anything pertaining to maths

  20. Some people want to pursue political studies French or English but failed in maths. Because of that we are staying home. Some do better in other subjects than maths so please consider. Maths is not liked by all

  21. Comment:please i got d7 in science and management in living in this year wassce, please can i get admission to the nursing training college

  22. Comment:pls, the government have to do something about the grading…… How can d7 and E8 be considered as pass but still you can’t go to school…. Y….

  23. Comment:I had B3 in Core Mathematics, Integrated Science C4, Social B3 English D7 Government B2 Economics B2 Elective Mathematics C5 Geography C5
    Please can I go to colleage of education?

  24. Comment:I had B3 in Core Mathematics, Integrated Science C4, Social B3 English D7 Government B2 Economics B2 Elective Mathematics C5 Geography C5
    Please can I go to colleage of education?

  25. My child had
    A1 Social Studies
    A1 Government
    A1 French
    B2 English
    B3 Literature
    B3 Integrated /science
    C4 Economics
    D7Mathematics has been denied to the university, both Legon and Tech, she seriously sick and so many things, I think even though the Maths is D7 she did well and should be considered

  26. Is 3 As, 3 Bs, 1 C and 1 D7 not enough and terialy schools. Let us encourage our children rather than discouraging them, Please

  27. In fact is very dishearting for someone to pass all subjects but because maths or English d7 the person can’t go to college or university. Ghana have to stand up and reason for the future.

  28. Our leaders is so wicked not accepting D7 in social ,into training college in dis year but u people consider it as pass
    God will send his thunder to anyone who agree with dis as fail so what about F9

  29. Below aew my grades….

    English…… D7
    Maths………E8…. E8
    Social ………C5

    Accounting…. B3
    Business management… B3
    Elective maths ….D7
    Econs …. E8

    Please can I get admission into a training college…..??

  30. These are my grades;
    Cost Accounting A1
    Financial Accounting B3
    Business Management B3
    Economics B3

    Social Studies A1
    English Language B3
    lntegrated Science C6
    Core Mathematics D7

    Please can’t I get admission to the University

  31. A1 in social
    D7 in English
    C5 in core maths
    C6 in science
    B3 in geography
    B2 in economics
    B3 in emaths
    B2 in government
    Plz help me to gain adminision at Ucc and legon

  32. A1 in social
    D7 in English
    C5 in core maths
    C6 in science
    B3 in geography
    B2 in economics
    B3 in emaths
    B2 in government
    Plz help me to gain adminision at Ucc and legon to offer engineering or marketing

  33. I had 4bs,1A,2cs and 1d that is English because of this am suffering am working to write it again why me.what country are we in now.i want 3rd class school plz help me

  34. Comment: I don’t even no what to say. We are living in a country dat only de rich can further their education .I no some one who had about 2 f9s but currently he is studying at Tamale nursing school.while de poor remains de same

  35. I have English C6,Mathematics D7,Social B3,Science D7,Accounting A1,Cost Accounting A1,Business Management A1,Economics C6 n I want to be Financial Accountant will it be possible.

  36. The government must seriously do something abt this……or else…we wouldn’t be responsible for any inaction among ourselves…. Wicked country

  37. Comment:Am pleading with the government and the ministry of education to please give peoples with D7 and E8 the chance to the tertiary institutions because peoples with D7 and E8 can also do better when they are given the chance.

  38. Comment:i I got 1A, 3Bs ,1c and 1E and the E is math so because of the E am still at home but my friend got 2Bs, 3cs and 1E and because his father is an MP he got admission into legon and i dont know how .

  39. Comment:I had de following grades
    social b2
    core maths b3
    science b3
    English c6
    e math c4
    biology c6
    chemistry d
    physics c 5
    can I enter university with dis

  40. Comment:I got the following results:
    social A1
    science B3
    English B3
    maths D7
    Animal hus B2
    General agric B3
    Chemistry X5
    Physics D7
    I have written nov-dec, maths and physics but I got the same results as my wassce “D7”.I don’t know what to do again. please help students with D7.

  41. Comment:i don’t even understand why D7 is not allow in tertiary level. only because of D7(core maths) am home. my mummy always blame me of not working, how can i work ,even cleaning job is not accepting D7 eii Ghana… pls help us wai. teacher training is all that i need but to no avail…..hmmm and u are here arresting arm robbers

  42. Please i had B2 in social, c5 in English, c6 in Maths, D7 in science, B3 in CRS, C6 in Govt, C4 in Literature and C4 in French
    Can I apply for training college at 37 or any other Nursing training college? Please let me know, I completed this year

  43. The Weac should consider those with d7 I pass all my papers except maths that I had d7.Can I enter the training college and I rewrite it later?

  44. Please accept our d7s we beg you in the name of God least kuraaa accept now so that later when we are in school we can re-write it

  45. Comment:Boamah Joshua
    Mobile Number: 0554110060
    Social studies B3,Int.Science C5, Mathematics C4,English C6,Economics B3,History B3,Geography D7,Literature E8.Can i get admission to any training College in Ghana?

  46. My sister completed Shs 3year Ago 2015
    Had 4bs and 3cs and a D7 in Mathematics
    And has been refused admission several times to University
    Just because of my My sister is home and hasn’t been to school
    Please D7 is pass not fail

  47. I have been going through all the posts so far and its obvious we all can relate one way or the other,if not from personal experience we all know people going through this same predicament….de question now remains what step are we taking towards helping ourselves since de people capable of doing so refuse 2 cos they aren’t affected…think it’s about time we came 2geda to take a step in push forward this agenda on various platforms, media channels,social media, through peaceful demonstrations etc and make our voices heard

  48. If ministry of education and waec does not recognize D7 at the tertiary level then waec should stop marking pass for hurts

  49. Comment: pls I had two E8 three d7 and three C which is c4,c56 and C6 please which UDS can give me admission in ghana expecially the northern part

  50. Please my sister had A1 in social study ,B3 in Business management, C5 Elective mathematics,C6 Science,C6 English,core mathematics D7,E8 in cost and financial accounting please she get admission in any university in Ghana.

  51. Pls i had d7 in core maths can i apply to any nursing training school in the country and the government should pls help us the youth cos it not easy

  52. please can you offer marketing with d7 in science since we are taking 3 core and 3 electives to the tertiary institution

  53. Yes you can..with one D7 in one elective subject,you can pursue any course of your choice at the university but with two D7 you can’t be admitted.So those with D7 in one elective subject should buy forms this year and they will be admitted to do courses of their choice.

  54. Comment:I had A1 in science B3 in maths B2 in crs B3 in history B3 in twi B3 in Economics B2 in social and D7 in English please can I go to school wid it

  55. A friend of mine didn’t get D7 in any of her subjects but her total aggregate is 27
    I had D7 in mathematics and my total aggregate is 21 …….. Something must really be done

  56. I had
    English -C5
    Maths -C6
    Food and nutrition-B3
    Economics- E8
    Pure Biology- D7
    Management in living -E8
    Please will I be allowed in any of the nursing colleges in Ghana?

  57. I had
    Social -C4
    Food and nutrition-B3
    Management in living- D7
    Pure biology-E8
    Please will I be admitted in any of the government nursing colleges in Ghana?

  58. I had science B2 , English C4 , Social B2 and Maths D7 . Elective too i got Economic B3 , Government B3 and G. K.A B3. Am pleading to the Government and the minister of education to accept D7 in maths and give us another chance to writ it when we get to the tertiary. All else we the youth will be on street . And too they should consider the school the person is coming from .

  59. Comment: please if I had d7 in English and maths E8 that doesn’t mean I can’t further education is totally lies. government please do something thanks

  60. .It is very interesting going through all the comments.Am also a victim, but I have come out with the idea that…we should be granted admission to the tertiary if what you intend to read does not involve the subjects you fail,or? Because maybe there could be a case where by for example you failed core maths, mean while what you intend to do deals with a whole lot of calculations.I think something should be done quickly. .because we have a whole lots of talents to explore to the world which will help in the development of our mother ghana. .thank you

    • Yes the government should appeal with those who d7. Please can I ask when you get and you again an admission to the university with ..Enghlish B3
      Science C6
      Core maths C6
      Social studies C6

      French B3
      History B3
      Ga C6
      Literature D7

  61. What step are we taking as the victims of this havoc situation.Because those who will raise our voice out are not facing the same problem with us,even if facing will sort it out on their own way with the institutions they want to attend

  62. Please I had enghlish b3
    Social c6
    Science c6
    Maths c6

    History b3
    French b3
    Ga c6
    Literature d7
    Can I gain admission to the university…please am pleading with the government to accept we those who had d7 .. please we beg


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