Nick Gordon gave Bobbi Kristina Brown ?toxic? injection leading to her death, according to a new lawsuit filed by her conservator Bedelia Hargrove. Bedelia claims Bobbi ?died due to a violent altercation with Defendant after which he placed her in the bathtub unconscious, after he injected her with a toxic mixture.?

Lawyers for Bedelia points out that Nick had ?no problem giving an interview to Dr. Phil, but asks this court to relieve him of his legal responsibility to participate in discovery in this case? and was allegedly paid $40,000 to be photographed at Bobbi?s grave.

According to the suit, Nick ?never sought court intervention to preserve any purported Fifth Amendment privilege nor sought to avail himself of any of the court process [which] would have delayed or preventing his having to answer any questions, [but now] some four months following the filing of the complaint? the defendant brazenly requests the court to block discovery.?

The suit goes on to state that Nick has waged his ?public relations war? with Bobby Brown?s family. ?The Defendant?s reference to ?lynching? as he complains about the public comments others have made about him is insensitive and inflammatory,? the suit says, ?Unless he is totally unfamiliar with the history of lynching in America, the Defendant should use some other metaphor when describing the effects he claims comments made about his potential involvement in this case have had on him.?

?The reference to lynching is yet another example of the Defendant?s pandering to the press in the hopes that he and his counsel will be widely quoted so that his popularity will rise when he seeks to secure the inevitable book deal ? which he may already have. The use of this kind of rhetoric is not only offensive but sanctionable,? the suit continues.

Bedelia?s lawyers also refute assertions that Nick can?t financially afford such a legal battle, saying he ?clearly has assets since has multiple counsel and is selling photographs to the highest bidder. Discovery may reveal a cache of other resources to pay the judgment against him if one is obtained.?

The new suit is a response to Nick?s motion to stay discovery proceedings in the $40 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by Bedelia back in June.



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