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Anti-gay Law: Cleric Commends Jonathan

The Conscience Reports Team says the directive by the Opposition All Progressive Congress (APC) to its National Assembly Members against the Jonathan Administration not to pass the National Budget for the 2014 Fiscal Year and to stall all other Executive Bills until the political crisis in Rivers State is resolved is a directive against the Nigerian people. That directive, according to the team, is at best a threat to National Security and it is a systematic measure to shut down the government and ground the wheels of societal progress.

wpid-jonathanaddressing2-367x336.jpg“We really wonder what the APC is up to, and if this is their idea of providing a viable and vital alternative governance. There are better ways of resolving issues as the political crisis in Rivers State whose governor was among the five governors, and their followers that defected from the ruling Peoples? Democratic Party (PDP) last November to the All Progressive Congress due to seemingly intractable differences; an action which gave the APC a favourable and influential majority in the National Assembly and in the State Houses of Assembly.”

But, according to them, the APC must not misinterpret and misuse these new found powers; the APC for instance can use these crucial powers which gives it leverage as a critically important negotiating tool but not to hold government hostage and frustrate the people?s lives,”Ultimately, power without control is useless and will only result in tyranny; trying to misapply their influence and power in National Assembly to truncate the Fiscal Budget, and perhaps other critical Bills will only halt the nation?s poor economic gains, and make life more difficult for the Nigerian people who are already bearing the brunt of the harsh and failed policies of this Administration, and the constant gridlock in Abuja.”

This move by the Opposition they also considered to be hasty and sloppy, and in the end, the APC must understand that there is a fine distinction between pragmatism and irresponsibility.


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