The Executive of the National Union of Ghana Students extends to your Excellency our warmest congratulations on your election as the President of the Republic of Ghana.? Your resounding victory in the presidential elections demonstrates the confidence which the people of Ghana have reposed in your foresighted and able leadership.

There is the need for all students and all the social forces of Ghana to come together in unequivocal resolve to always take this country forward, and never a step backwards, in consolidating the gains of democratic and good governance that will take our great and resourceful country to even greater heights of achievement.

NUGS will stand by your Excellency in all endeavours.

NUGS looks forward to working closely with you to strengthen our relationship further and to address together the many common challenges that faces the Ghanaian student.

Once again, we congratulate your Excellency and look forward to continue working closely with you in our common cause of Ghana?s progress and contribution to quality education.

Accept, Your Excellency, the assurance of my highest regard.

Long live Ghana

Long live the choice of the people.

Long live your Presidency.

Long live NUGS.


Gideon Hammond



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