Health Promotion Watch Ghana a Non Governmental Organsation would like to express it deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Constitutional Review Commision for recommending five days of paternity leave with? pay and and a month extension of martenity leave.

Even though the five days of paternity leave and a month extention of maternity leave ?fell short of our expectations, we consider it as a major step towards improving child care and child responsibilty.

Fathers play an important role in raising children. Fathers play important role in shared parenting responsibility, supporting mothers to breastfeed their babies and to support fathers in bonding with and caring for their newborn.

Since Ghana Health Service recommended that babies be exclusively be breastfed for six months after birth, it was just appropriate that employers grant nursing mothers more time to take care of their babies to ensure their healthy growth.

Child birth should be seen as a social phenomenon necessary for the continuity of the human race, it should not become a source of discomfort for working mothers to the extent of losing their jobs just to stay home and take good care of their babies.

Paid leave gives parents the time to provide great prenatal and postnatal care, lowers accident rates and allows a great sense of bonding.This will also give the family the opportunity to unite, relax, and be together as a family before work.

Longer maternity leave is associated with lower infant mortality rates, infants are more likely to be breast-fed, which lowers illness and hospitalization rates for infants and benefits women?s health. Beyond the marked health advantages, paid maternity leave yields economic gains in terms of reduced health care costs, reduced recruitment and retraining and improved long-term earnings for women.

We shall continuously and vigorously engage stake holders towards its successful implementation.

We are therefore urging Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service and Parliament to ensure immediate implementation of this recommendation.


Abraham Athur

Media officer




The Chairman Constitutional Review Commission

The Minister of Health

Director General, Ghana Health Service


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