Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu

Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu

Yesterday the curtains were drawn over this year?s Ramadan fasting, one of the cannons of the Islamic religion.

Although restricted to members of the Islamic faith the Ramadan fasting has attracted appreciable goodwill and solidarity from members of the Christian faith towards their friends and even brothers and sisters undertaking the religious obligation. It is a solidarity which enhances the inter-religious harmony which Ghana has enjoyed over the years.

The Christian Council of Ghana, it would be recalled, sent a goodwill message to Muslims when the latter began the spiritual journey of fasting.

Although a secular state, most Ghanaians believe in the monotheism of God; a belief which is common to both adherents of the two great religions of Christianity and Islam.

All too soon, what looked like an interminable religious assignment has come to an end; it provides us with a lesson on the terminality of everything which has a beginning on our ephemeral earth.

Although a religious obligation prescribed to all Muslims who are in good health, the fasting in the Ramadan month teaches the faithful a number of important lessons all of which go a long way in making the world a better place for mankind.

Abstaining from food, water and bodily pleasures from dawn to dusk puts the faithful in a good stead to appreciate the challenges of hunger. This way, supporting the needy who are unable to fend for themselves becomes an important attitude of the faithful.

The discipline and morality, which the adherence to the dos and don?ts of religion instil in us, is enhanced through fasting, a virtue which is naturally carried positively into our everyday lives.

It is our prayer that Muslims, who genuinely undertook the month-long spiritual exercise, would continue to lead righteous lives as they did during the period under review.

Society stands to gain tremendously if those who participated in the Ramadan fasting imbibed the sermons and commentaries of the Holy Quran sincerely.

Unfortunately, many are those who would return to the bad old ways they were steeped in before the fasting period was due. Who knows, perhaps this time around things would change and the youth would depart from the path of indiscipline many of them are used to.

A test case of the change we hope would take place lies in how these youth conduct themselves today after the Eid prayers at the Independence Square.

Previous occasions were characterised by dangerous incidents of indiscipline and accidents notwithstanding the entreaties of Islamic clerics on the need to be disciplined in line with Islamic tenets.

Moderation, which is a recognised norm in Islam, should be adhered to by those who would be relishing today lest they smear themselves with the sins they were cleansed of when they fasted. We wish all Muslims a fantastic Eid el Fitr. Barka da Sallah.


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