… Aspirant trades blows with Constituency Chairman

Tension is brewing within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) fold in the Bortianor/Amanfrom Constituency over the coming primaries, as constituency party chairman is alleged to have taken sides with an aspiring candidate who was believed to be a Malian National.
wpid-NPP-Ghana-logo-300x194.gifThis development has generated heated misunderstanding among the leadership of the party at the constituency as well as aspiring candidates.
Information gathered is that, per a directive from the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party that all coastal areas must be contested by Ga indigenes, one Rev Nii Adjetey Larbie, who stands the chance of becoming the candidate for the constituency is being denied the chance.
The race which begun with six contestants, saw four disqualified leaving Rev Nii Adjetey Larbie and the Malian.
However plans are underway to sabotage Rev Nii Adjetey Larbie’s chances as according to information, the constituency Chairman demanded he pay the GH?10,000.00 fee which he was unable to pay outright.
But indications are that the Chairman asked Rev Nii Adjetey Larbie to go and come back later during the vetting process and make the full payment.
Information is that, the alleged Mali national who turns out to be the favorite candidate for the constituency executives have not even gone through vetting process.
Meanwhile information gathered is that Rev Nii Adjetey Larbie’s name does not appeared on the ballot papers which invariably meant he is out of the contest.
Rev Nii Adjetey Larbie is pointing accusing fingers at the Chairman for orchestrating an agenda against him and for disregarding the NEC of the party.
Also supporters of Rev Nii Adjetey Larbie are up in arms against the chairman threatening not to vote for any stranger.
This if materialize will jeopardize the party’s chances of wining the constituency seat.


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