Confusion broke out on Monday during a press conference at the Ghana International Press Centre in Accra by a pro-National Democratic Congress youth group called Action Movement.

This was after some members of the group clashed with some other supporters of the party who stormed the venue of the press conference in disapproval of the purpose of the programme.

Addressing the press, Mr Kodzo Hamenya Keglo, the Spokesperson of the group called on the former president, John Dramani Mahama to come clear on what he meant when he asked that he should be blamed for the party’s defeat in the 2016 polls.

“JM should do what is honourable. He is causing our party great harm by just saying that he has taken responsibility for our loss. JM should stop the silent torture on our electorate and say exactly what he has taken responsibility for.

“Who has failed him? Who did not do his/her work well? Where should money go and did not go? Which of his appointees failed him? Why were the women organisers not resourced? Why did JM not call Valerie Sawyer to order when he heard that she was campaigning against the NDC candidate in Klottey Korle? Whose idea was it to rather resource friends and ladies for Mahama to the detriment of our executives? These are the question we are asking.

“If JM does not come out immediately for what he has taken responsibility for, then it won’t be morally right for him to organise himself as a candidate for the party. JM must not dare 2020 if he doesn’t clear the air for what he has taken responsibility for,” he said.

But some other faction of the party who stormed the press conference disagreed with the idea that Mr Mahama was behind the party’s defeat.

They argued that all executives of the party should accept blame for the December 7 defeat.