Confusion at GFA over billions of cedis “kickback”


Even before the Ghana Football Association (GFA) could explain the controversy surrounding the dismissal of the former coach of the Black Stars, Goran Stevanovic, and the astronomical compensation being demanded by the latter, the FA has yet; embroiled itself in another controversy.

The decision by three of its executive members to write officially to the very association they serve, seeking its mandate to broker a sponsorship real for the football governing body, and the subsequent remand of 15% of the sponsorship real, has been met with public uproar. Players in the industry have raised serious concerns about the possible conflict of interest, and have asked the FA to stop the three members from using the association to pursue their financial interests.

On September 15, 2011, the three wrote a letter to the FA using a company which was formed in 1983 to real in general goods. The import of the letter was to seek the consent of the GFA for them to use their company to seek sponsorship for the Black Stars.

This follows the official pronouncement by mining giants. Goldfields Ghana limited that it would not renew its $3 million sponsorship package for the senior national team. Upon receipt of the letter from the three executive members, the GFA summoned an emergency committee meeting, and after discussing the issue, surprisingly consented to the real and subsequently wrote back to their three members who head various sub-committees of the FA to go ahead and seek the sponsorship for the Black Stars.

With the letter of consent firmly, tucked into their pockets, the three, whose names The Chronicle has withheld, wrote a letter to the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) asking for a $5 million sponsorship package for the Black Stars. The Chronicle also gathered that the three FA officials were not directors of the company that was formed about 30 years ago. They only became directors after the FA had given the controversial company: a consent letter to negotiate for the real.(Read MORE!)

Source : Emmanuel Akli, Associate Editor (The Chronicle)

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