confidence models in UK with Kanye West
confidence models in UK with Kanye West

In Ghana, all the top models are experiencing their success without a model agency, and the majority of agencies benefit from trump model training charges which at most times yields no benefits. This precise reality is why Confidence Model Management stands as breath of fresh air.

confidence models in UK with Kanye West
confidence models in UK with Kanye West

The agency originally begun in the UK in 2006 as a ethnic black modelling agency, and became the first high fashion editorial successful agency to do so in the UK. In 2008 the agency started catering for all ethnicities and rose to one of the top 15 registered agencies on with extensive results on google. Confidence Models had booked jobs from London, Paris & New York Fashion Week, Nike, Adidas, Kanye West, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, and more.

Family issues led the CMM staff to relocated to Ghana, Africa in 2011. This led the agency to eventually come to a close in 2012. But all hope wasn’t lost, without the intent to start an agency, agents from Confidence Models decided to support and assist aspiring models with international potential, teaching them how to manage themselves and build a portfolio, as well as avoiding inappropriate activities.


Although reluctant to re-open the agency in Ghana, their activities developed from time to time leading to a number of models under their wings. This, as well as their models engaging in runways shows and shoots for various clients such as Kofi Ansah, Glitz Africa Fashion Week, Coca Cola, Ghana Fashion & Design Week, Christie Brown, Mina Evans, African Fashion Festival, Emmanuel Bobbie, Vlisco, Woodin, Mac Make Up & many more established designers and photographers, made the team reconsider starting in Ghana.

Acknowledging the potential of their underground achievements and what it could be if made public, CMM has now built a new staff including former models, as well as model trainers in Ghana and re opened this year. To date, the agency’s interactive website currently features 19 superstars (11 ladies/8 gentlment) with more models under their wing.

“We are aware there have been many modelling agencies in Ghana before us, we are also aware there have been many from abroad who have attempted to create an agency, some who took girls money and left, closed or are still doing it, or the few who are genuine but don’t succeed. We understand that the fashion industry and structure is totally different from the UK, and more over with this new age of technology and communication the relevance of agencies have been minimized, most people try to cut out the need for agencies because they feel today getting a modelling job is a matter of social media messaging and so forth. But the truth is if there was no need for agencies, you won’t have so many models complaining about not being paid for jobs or not getting their images from photographers, or clients complaining about unprofessional models. So this service is still very well needed, especially in Ghana” – Agnes

“We can do a bit of research and find super models around the word from many many countries in the world, or for sure all the popular ones, but till today it’s hard to call out a Ghanaian super model, or a model that reached international stardom with beginnings in Ghana, now this is either we are lacking good agencies or Ghanaian girls aren’t beautiful, and we all know it’s not the latter. We just want to guide the potential talent and ensure fashion clients will no longer be insecure about the history of who they chose to be the face of their brands”

For more information on Confidence Model Management visit their website or email [email protected]


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