Following the announcement by some Ghanaian celebrities to demonstrate, by way of a vigil against the iniquities of the perennial power crisis (dumsor) debacle, Concerned Ghanaians?have expressed?solidarity with the celebrities.

wpid-DumsorMustStop-Vigilopt1.jpgIt said, the recent case of midwives delivering newborn babies by torchlight, at Kaneshie Polyclinic, in marks a nadir in the nation?s power crisis. Doubtless, given the extent and severity of ?dumsor?, this case is the tip of the iceberg.

“It does not require detailed research to know that maternal death rates in Ghana are above even the average in the developing world. No doubt, the inability of the nation to provide power to the most critical of public services, hospitals and clinics, has exacerbated this problem. For it would be na?ve to think Kaneshie was a one-off, an isolated case. Given the depth and breadth of ?dumsor?, inferences point to such cases being repeated up and down the country. Lest it be forgotten that Kaneshie is one of the better equipped, more adept health facilities. For it would be foolhardy to think that clinics and hospitals outside metropolitan areas are faring any better. It is no exaggeration to state that patients are DYING due to dumsor.”

This was contained in a statement they issued.

According to them, granted, Ghanaians, resilient as we are, joke and jest about dumsor; it is our way of coping – gallows humour. Indeed, the viral social media memes attest to this.

“Humour is like soap, helping wash away, the metaphoric, everyday grime that continues to accumulate under John Mahama. However when it comes to matters of health, it is literally a matter of life and death, it is no joke. As Concerned Ghanaians, We are CONCERNED about the deteriorating health service in which ?dumsor? has served as an accelerant.”

“….We are CONCERNED that operations are being cancelled due to lack of power.

We are CONCERNED newborns are being delivered by torchlight.

We are CONCERNED that surgeons and doctors are operating in unbearable heat due to air-conditioning rendered useless by power failure, thus increasing the risk of fatigue and increasing risks to patients.”

They pointed out that our health service was already deteriorating without dumsor?and that it?s condition is now critical.

“The health and lives of Ghanaians are, literally, at stake.”


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