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Teshie Concerned Citizens Association (TCCA) have for the use of water from the Nungua Desalination Plant to feed the industries in Tema.

Mr Seth Tagoe, the Chairman of TCCA, said the people of Teshie do appreciate efforts by the Government and the investor community to revamp the desalination water treatment plant, but suggested that pipe lines could be laid from Teshie to Tema to supply the desalination water to industries and the harbour.

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) in January 2018 had to shut down the Plant, which supplied water to Nungua and Teshie, to enable it cut down loses on energy and volumetric charges, which run into several millions of Ghana Cedis.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Mr Tagoe said as part of efforts to address issues concerning the desalination plant, the TCCA last year petitioned the Presidency,while on December 18, 2018, the Council of State met stakeholders such as the TCCA, the Africa Centre for Integrity and Development (ACID), a Civil society organisation; the GWCL and the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources to discuss the petition on the desalination water plant.

He expressed gratitude to the Council of State for giving them the audience and also for the mature manner they dealt with the desalination water issue.

Mr Tagoe said: “Teshie is not in water crises, because GWCL is supplying sufficient water from Kpong to the community and also, GWCL has completed another connection from the Spintex Road to join the Scansca Line at LEKMA Hospital.”

“Therefore, if the desalination water is opened to the people of Teshie, who will drink the water GWCL has laid (pipelines) from Spintex?” Mr Tagoe quizzed

He said if Government would go ahead with supplying the people of Teshie with desalinated water, then there should be engagement of residents of the community at four different places, the Southern Zone (Old town), the Northern Zone (Agblizaa), the Eastern Zone (Niijor) and the Western Zone (Camp Two) to educate them on the issue.

He urged the Government to ensure that there would be consensus building on whether the people would accept to drink the water or not.


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