“X-Force” has been in development for several years now, but details about the movie are still scarce. A newly surfacing concept art from professional conceptual artist Gregory Semkow now offers interesting information about the movie as it is believed to reveal the titular team’s lineup.

The concept art features some characters that will possibly show up in the upcoming movie. Based on the artwork, X-Force will consist of Cable, team leader and son of Cyclops, Domino, a mutant who possesses an ability to manipulate her own luck, Warpath, a headstrong new mutant with superhuman strength and tracking abilities, and Cannonball, possessor of jet propulsion and force field abilities.

As for the fifth member of the team, who is on the left side of the picture, it is still a mystery. The character is barely recognizable. As she sports silver hair, some speculate that she is Rogue. Meanwhile, others assume the she is Hope Summer, a toned-down version of Psylocke.

Jeff Wadlow, the writer and director of “Kick-Ass 2”, was hired to pen the script of “X-Force” in 2013. He never made it clear which characters would appear in the upcoming movie, though he stated that he was a fan of Deadpool, Wolverina, Cable, Psylocke, Domino and Colossus. Produced by Lauren Shuler Donner, the movie is expected to hit theaters in 2018.

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