Lands Commission
Lands Commission

The Lands Valuation Division of the Lands Commission says it cannot confirm the payment of any compensation by the state for lands acquired for the State Housing Corporation (SHC) in Adenta.

Lands Commission
Lands Commission

Mr Kwesi Bentsi-Enchil, Chief Valuer in-charge of Compensation of the Lands Valuation Division of the Lands Commission said the original allodial ownership of the Adenta lands is still in contention before the courts where the Agbawe family, the La Stool, Kplen-We family and Nii Sowah Okataban are claiming to be owners.


He said some of the cases before the courts include Nii Adjei Kpobi Asaawa II, S. K. Quaye and Mrs Adjei Koney Okpoti versus the Lands Commission, the Social Security and National Insurance Trust and the SHC, Nii Adjei Kpobi Asaawa II versus SHC, Nii Adjei Kpobi versus Lands Commission, Nii Sowah Okataban versus SHC Limited and the Attorney General, and Daniel Ansah Obiri versus Land Valuation Board and SHC.

Mr Bentsi-Enchil made this known on Thursday in his testimony before the Judgement Debt Commission in Accra in the matter of Nii Adjei Kpobi Asaawa II and two others versus the Attorney General.

Mr Bentsi-Enchil said with the exception of Daniel Ansah Obiri versus the Land Valuation Board in respect of which a copy of the Entry of the Judgement attached has been served on the Division no further information on the status of the other suits are carried in their records.

He said in premised on the cited judgement the Division has requested the Ministry of Finance for the release of funds to pay the awarded compensation.

The Chief Valuer said in all there are 32 claimants on the Adenta lands, adding that Nungua is also laying claims to the lands.

Mr Justice Yaw Apau, Sole Commissioner of the Judgement Debt Commission said all multiplicity of claims should be resolved before government could make any compensation payments.

Also at the Commission?s sitting were chiefs and individuals who benefited from the GH? 138, 000, 000 compensation payments for areas inundated in the Volta Basin following the construction of the Akosombo Hydroelectric Dam in the 1960s.

They include Donkor Bobson of Old Osramanae in Worawora, Nana Kpebu II, Chief and head of Choboae clan of Gyengyen in Worawora, who is also known in private life as Anthony E. Qunsah, and Osman Shaibu of Makango in the Northern Region.

However Issah Salifu, Adam Issifu and Seidu Braimah all of Makango were absent, and the Commission has rescheduled them to appear before it on September 29.

The Chief Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports who was to speak in the matter of state acquired lands at Abeka and Nungua for sports complexes was also absent.

Mr Kofi Dometi Sorkpo, Lead Counsel of the Judgement Debt Commission observed that the Chief Director had written to the Commission explaining that they were unable to lay hands on the files pertaining to the subject matter because the files were currently in the custody of the Economic and Organised Crime Office.

The Sole Commissioner consequently rescheduled the Chief Director to reappear before the Commission on September 30.

Mr Justice Apau said time was running out for the Commission, declaring that ?they shouldn?t write any letter, they should come and tell us what they have?.

The Commission has adjourned sitting to Tuesday, September 23.



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