train young ladies
train young ladies

The programme will be carried out in collaboration with the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly to help mentor, train and create sustainable jobs for the unemployed youth in deprived communities.

train young ladies
train young ladies
Ms Catherine Coffie, the Chief Executive Officer of AAL, said the company had the strong desire to spearhead the initiative to safeguard the dignity of young ladies.

“As a mother I feel a deep sympathy for the many young people, especially the ladies, whose poverty and deprivation are no fault of theirs. The skills training, which will be provided will, therefore, make them employable and in turn make them employers to reduce the unemployment situation,” she said.

Ms Coffie said many youngsters who were unable to find the necessary training for employment faced very bleak future compared to their counterparts whose well-to-do parents gave them a head start educationally, socially and professionally.

She said one could not compare the plight of children in Ashaiman to those in Ridge, Labone or Airport Residential Area, hence the need to help the needy who wanted to train, work and better their circumstances.

Ms Coffie called on Ghanaians who had been blessed with much to dedicate some of their time and resources to help the deprived in society to bridge the wide gap between the haves and have-nots that continued to create “an unjust society”.

The AAL was established 10 years ago and had trained over 6,000 young people who are in gainful employment in garment-making factories or working for themselves.

Mr Benjamin Coffie, the Acting General Manager of AAL, said the company had partnered the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly to take the young women out of the scorching sun carrying loads on their heads with some having babies at their backs.

He said with the help of the Government, the company would work hard to salvage the dying hopes of the future mothers.

Mr Ibrahim Baidoo, the Ashaiman Municipal Chief Executive, expressed gratitude to the authorities of the AAL for coming out with the initiative to assist the young ladies in their economic endeavours.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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