Ibrahim Maisule, the leader of the local security group, made the call following the latest suicide bomb attack hitting Madagali last month.

Two female suicide bombers were said to have carried out the attack, killing at least 17 people and wounding some 41 others.

Maisule said there were many bush parts leading into Madagali area which is bordering Sambisa forest and needed more men for adequate patrol.

He said his men and the number of military personnel in Madagali at present were not enough to contain attacks by insurgents.

Maisule also urged the state government to introduce monthly stipend for his members as he said was the case other vigilante members in Gombi area to encourage more participation.

“We are doing voluntary service by helping the military, but we will be grateful if the state government will be assisting us with little allowance to take care of our families while we are in the bush as is the case with our colleagues in Gombi axis,” he said.

Meanwhile, the delegation of Adamawa state who went to assess the situation in Madagali after the suicide attack have assured the people of more government support to the area.

Leader of the team, Waziri Ahmad, who listened to various complains of lack of water and health facilities among others said the problems had been presented to the government for necessary action.

Ahmad called for more military to be deployed to Madagali to forestall future attacks. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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