Mr Christian Aggrey, a former Editor in Chief of the Ghanaian Times Newspaper has urged local communities to consider self help initiatives to hasten development.

He said voluntarism at the grassroots offered the State the needed support in nation building, and that local communities must unite in helping address their specific needs.

Mr Aggrey was speaking at a durbar to mark the 2018 Easter celebration of Tsibu Awudome in the Ho West District.

He commended the people for the numerous communal achievements notably the construction of the “mountain road” to Anyirawase in 1951.

He noted that the locals in the 1970s also undertook large scale community cotton and tobacco productions which attracted investors.

Mr Aggrey said such collective efforts must be revived and called on community leaders to help maintain the spirit of voluntarism in the youth in particular.

Mama Agyadobea I, Queenmother of Tsibu, said the area suffered severe flooding during rainstorms, and appealed to Government to expand storm drains along the stretch of the Eastern Corridor road.

She encouraged natives in the diasporas to invest in the farming community to end migration of the youth to urban centres.

Mr Richard Amexo, Regent of Tsibu, said strict rules would be imposed to ensure proper sanitary practices, and called on the youth to be proactive towards the development of the area.

Fund was raised towards the construction of nurses’ quarters for the Tsibu Health Centre and a vocational training school.


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