A new sports body, the Commonwealth Football Foundation has been set up to promote the development of football amongst the Commonwealth of nations.

A statement from the body copied to GNA Sports said that the body will seek to use football as a tool for improving the developmental agenda amongst associations made up of 54 Nations.

The Commonwealth Football Foundation is aimed at bringing Commonwealth Nations closer and aiding development in all member countries and to provide a chance of competition for countries that, hitherto, never get the chance to compete in major global tournaments.

It said many African Commonwealth countries are being courted to sign a charter that would see the Commonwealth Secretariat give recognition to the birth of the body.

As a first step, Football Kenya Federetion (FKF) President Sam Nyamweya has lauded the initiative and called on other African Nations to endorse it.

?This is a great initiative that would bring us further and closer together as members of nations who all share one thing in common ? affiliation to the United Kingdom and colonization. It is a wonder that up until now, football has not featured in the Commonwealth Games, and I think it is time we use our popular sport to embrace greater unity.

?Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, as well as our brothers in Asia and the Caribbean Islands need to sign up to this, and let us expand the efforts of the Commonwealth in spreading development and unity amongst ourselves,? he concluded.

Source: GNA


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