Is there any one of us, computer users, who have never encountered trivial, yet extremely annoying, problems with our beloved machines? We are peacefully doing our tasks when suddenly an error occurs, or other kind of malfunction. We all know how irritating it can be. But not everyone knows that quite often these problems have very easy solutions. Here are some of the most common PC problems and quick solutions to them.

Almost every Windows user experiences an increase in the time their computers need to process even the simplest commands. That is a flaw shared by every Microsoft product that after a certain period of time the amount of temporary data gathered by the OS begins to choke our machine. In order to make things right you can do two simple things before attempting to format our PC.

First one is deleting all the temp files present on our computer. In order to do that go to the following location: My computer -> C: drive -> Windows folder -> temp folder. Inside, you will find temporary folders created by Windows. Delete all of them. Don’t worry. You cannot destroy anything in this way. You only have to be sure you are in the right folder. The second thing you can do is to defragmentate your hard-drives. Do the following: open ‘My computer’, right-click on a hard-drive, and click on properties, ‘tools’ tab, and ‘defragmentation’ button. Once you begin the process you will have to wait for a while, but after it finishes your PC should work a bit faster.

Moreover, many people forget about the importance of updating drivers regularly.

If you are one of them then you may experience various problems with programs and applications. For example, a computer game may run very slow or sounds in our music making program may act strangely or not work at all. So, now you know that the solution to such problems is updating the drivers. To do that, you have to visit the website of the producer of a given device, enter information about your hardware and OS and you will receive a link to the newest drivers. You would be surprised how often this simple tweak solves even the most dire problems.

Obviously, from time to time we encounter problems that will be beyond our abilities. I, for that matter, have been forced to ask for help located in Weston computer repair services, there is no shame in doing that. Therefore, if these simple solutions won’t work then chances are that the source of the problems are more complicated and professional IT expertise is needed. 

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