Presidential Staffers Saga
Presidential Staffers Saga

United Cadres’ Front declares

The United Cadres’ Front (UCF) express our disgust at the manner some good standing citizens whose voices must be head on matters of national interest – but who have departed lately from their vociferous stance on such issues of importance.

We particularly refer to the 998 Presidential Staffers which is currently occupying news spaces in the country. Our disappointment emanates and as usually, unusual – the partisan colour it has assumed. The attempt to equalize in order to justify the Terminal increase of Staffers at the Presidency is too lame and too shameful.

The fact that we have made it a tradition that any new government that occupies the Presidency must increase Staffers is too week for comprehension – and especially so, when ‘expectant’ governments always accuse sitting governments of “…incompetence…” Rawlings was accused of bloated Presidential Staffers of 524. Even though former President Kufour apologized for criticizing Rawlings, he was not spared the criticism of damning him when he increased the tally to 692. Mahama was still blamed even though he brought it down to 678.

Today, we are talking of 998 Presidential Staffers and the ‘know-it-all’ constant critiques of national issues wish us understand that we have to know the dynamics of governance before we condemn this act of the President Akufo Addo’s hypocrisy in governance?

It must be singled out, the stance of Messrs. Kweku Baako and Sydney Casley Hayford who have – as at now cannot find their acidic tongues to condemn it but rather dancing around the issue as we monitored them on “Newsfile” of Joy-FM and “The Big Issue” of Citi-FM. These are citizens whose words carry weight and can cause actions to be taken on national issues – but who have hypocritically buried their faces in the sand. We leave them to their conscience!


Having taken position on the issue of Presidential Staffers, the United Cadres Front (UCF) equally wish to state our displeasure at the too much entrenched partisan position both the Minority and Majority find themselves. To us it is very shameful for every evolving issue to be considered on partisan leaning.

The investigation on so-called double salaries alleged to have been taken by past Members of Parliament (MPs) who were Ministers of State, to the UCF should not be seen as ‘witch hunting’, but a matter of fact-finding which must be allowed to take its normal course.

However, we believe there is a wicket agenda for which the MPs have the right to believe they are being ‘witch hunted’. On Monday, May 23, 2018, some news headlines stated the CID is now going to the Ministries where the supposed Ministers headed, to continue with their investigations. To the UCF, it is very unprofessional, that the CID has given much publicity (especially to the Daily Guide) on the alleged crime of “STEALING“, when you have not contacted the Ministries in question? An up-to-the-task investigative body would have done these basic preliminaries to build a solid case before going public. Unfortunately, to the Ghana Police Service CID – they don’t go it that way.

So, if at the end you find nothing incriminating against the honourable men – what would the police have to tell them?

As well, the current counter accusation of alleged ‘Rent Advance’ payment to current political appointees is a nauseating development. The Nana Akufo Addos’ government has been in place for almost sixteen (16) months now. Since when was the above alleged scandal discovered and why exposing it now? Is it emanating from the alleged ‘double salary payment’ issue?
We ought to be serious from now on and stop exposing great and proud Mother Ghana to local/international ridicule. Let us maintain her pride.

Source: United Cadres’ Front


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