In the picture the comedian posted on social media, he is dressed like the legendary comedian Bishop Bob Okala who just passed few months ago.

dkb-3-660x400.jpgIf DKB who is rated as one of the greatest comic personalities Ghana has ever produced performs like the late Bob Okala, then this might be a true manifestation of his lack of jokes as people have speculated.

Could it be that DKB is resorting to the style of Bob okala to diversify his comedy, as some Ghanaians claim his jokes have become repetitive and boring?

Although the comedian has not made it clear wherther he will be performing or tapping from Bishop Okala’s joke on the said date, this picture of his In circulation makes his intention quite evident.

DKB on the other hand has saved many shows in Ghana yet he has come massive criticisms for being controversial in his style of comedy.

Source: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey


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