Come on my people , I have read and heard some of ndi be anyi egbuwara ISI chanting that we lost out for SENATE PRESIDENT UNDER APC ,but can we start from today to stand like men sound from center to circumference and stop acting like ikwurigba ?
wpid-Muhammadu-Buhari1.jpgCome with me ,under OBJ we got Senate President which danced from OYI OF OYI ,PROF CHUBA OKADIGBO to EVANS ENWEREM, ADOLPHOUS NWAGBARA, ANYIM PIUS ,KEN NNAMANI ,cheeii somebody should help me and chronicle them ,we had more than 5 senate president and if i may ask what did we get for alaigbo with that position ?
Do not answer for we all know -WE GOT NOTHING ,outside the fact that the individuals holding such positions enriched self ,none of them asked for Second Niger bridge nor asked about our dilapidated FEDERAL ROADS in ALAIGBO .
So do you think that if any of this modern days self aggrandizing politicians will suddenly become SINATE president and remember to sponsor a policy that will help our brothers that are trading to make a better life ?.
Wait a good minute who do we have on APC before now ? ,DR CHRIS NGIGE who we all know celebrated the enslavement of Umuigbo by APC LAGOS GOVERNOR ,GOV FASHOLA to the extent that same Ngige called our brothers DESTITUTE and he was happy because Tinubu shaked his wrinkled hands for such idiotic stance .
Can we say something about Gov Rochas Okorocha who keep encouraging Imo youths to join MUSLIM as he keep giving any igbo man that entered ISLAM 2 MILLION NAIRA of IMO STATE FUND .
Is that the kind of of ndi mmadu iga ezije ogu oturukpokpo ?.My old man will say “anyi ma nwa na eje mba rifo nri”
Do you think that any of this political slaves will suddenly stand against the YOROBA AND AWUSA conspiracy ? well what they will do is to make the yorobas point at them and say is that not your brother that is the Senate President ,the third in command ? well they will be right because we have a man up their but in reality we have a GROSS IDIOT instead of a competent man .
What Ndi igbo need today is to stand on the vacancy created by the YOROBAS AND AWUSAS to become a STRONG OPPOSITION ,we need to stand with all other PDP,APGA,LABOUR ,UPP and other PARTIES and start doing what the APC did which is kicking JONATHAN all the day ,all the time and even while he sleeps ,THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY WILL NOT FORGET THE PROMISES ..
Some are shaking with vegatable leaf forgeting that this is democracy and no longer military junta .
1) Stabilize oil prices at $100 a barrel
2)To reduce fuel price to N45 a litre
3) Provide free education to all Nigerian children
4) Pay the poorest 25 million people N5000 every month
5)Generate 40,000 megawatts of electricity in 4 years
6)Pay youth corpers for one more year after service
7)Provide one meal a day for all Nigerian students
8) Provide 3 million jobs in his first year
9)To make N1 to be equal to $1
10) Build 4 refineries in 4 years
11) On Boko Haram
During the election campaign Buhari frequently assured Nigerians that he would stop the insurgency:
NDIGBO and NDI MINORITIES ,somebody has to step into that vacancy left by APC and who do you think will fill it well ? ,,BY ODERAIGBO

Source: Mazi Odera


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