Vythiri is a picturesque place located in the sylvan Northern High Ranges of Kerala in Wayanad District. It proves to be one of the most popular destinations for spending a vacation in Kerala. Vythiri is situated at a height of 2600 ft. above sea level. An area that breathes history and legend, Vythiri was the natural choice because of its accessibility beauty and pleasant climate. It has been a retreat for English planters during colonial times. With Kerala Hotels and tours you can book any of the hotels in Vythiri. We provide you the facility of online booking and reservation at all Vythiri hotels.


Meenmutty Falls: It is the most spectacular and highest waterfalls of Wayand.

The tourists get to see the lush greenery and black rocks. The daring ones can climb the zenith of these falls.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: Established in 1973, this wildlife sanctuary of Wayanad is well secured and much maintained. A home to many exotic flora and fauna, this sanctuary also has trees of teak and bamboo.

Banasura Sagar Dam: 25 km from Vythiri is Banasura Sagar, India’s largest earthen dam. The scene is more beautiful when the dam is full and the hillocks are half submerged in its waters. The road to the dam is lined with tea plantations on both sides.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary: It is about 100 Km form Vythiri and a home to many extinct animals.

This sanctuary of Niligiri Biosphere shelters animals like bison, spotted deer, tiger, leopard, bear, wild boar and elephant.


There are selection of accommodation, including hotels in Vythiri, resorts and assorted home stays in Vythiri, Wayanad. We have selected a limited number of accommodation establishments and hotels in Vythiri. We have more details of the local Vythiri places to stay at HolidayIQ.

Vythiri resort: The resort is completely in harmony with nature – unexplored and raw. The ambiance at Vythiri resort is exclusive, comfortable and refreshing. The cottages and huts are in the ethnic style and take you back to an indigenous “tribal village” where simplicity and harmony reign supreme. The climate is mildly cool. The place is very tranquil and cut off from the bustle of urban life.

Blue ginger resort is set amidst jungles and valleys of Wayanad. The peaceful atmosphere of Blue ginger resort offer an ideal and relaxing holiday spot for tourists. The Blue ginger resort is located in a sprawling 20 acres of green woods. Located amidst the verdant jungles of Wayanad, Blue Ginger Wayanad Resort is heavily punctuated with cascading waterfalls and massive trees.

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