The critical issue to take care in business today is IT security. It remains exposed to multiple attacks with different levels of intensity. Amidst them the dangerous kind is the recurrent phishing attacks that a company and its employees witness. Through this attacks cyber criminals and third party intruders target to rob the employees and individuals of their corporate and private information. Such attacks have been prevalent in the recent past in financial firms, IT security companies, security and surveillance organizations and many more.It is natural that an individual or an employee will read all the mails considering each one to be important. Phishers work out their phishing attacks on this line. They make compelling content including that the reader has won a huge lottery or offer other lucrative deals through a website link. As they browse through the link, they land in fictitious websites engaged in fraudulent activities. Sometime, these websites are imitations of original brand names selling counterfeit products. Phishing Attack LossesData security is not the only loss that phishing attacks can result in. The data theft leads to image erosion for any eminent brand. This in turn results in revenue loss and loss of brand reputation. It might become difficult for an attacked organization to regain its previous presence and image. Furthermore, malefic phishing attacks can also destroy a computing device for ever. For organizations, where each computing device is connected to other, this damage can take place in a row. Standard and regular anti-phishing programs only help to sort out the problem superficial. The security offered thus is also superficial and fails in case of sophisticated phishing attacks that are difficult to recognize at the first glance. Hence, it is essential for every company and manufacturer to invest in advanced phishing protection  solutions. Taking the above mentioned factors into consideration top service providers have introduced innovative anti phishing software in the market. It is available in the form of an automated device that is installed internally in an organization where the people, process and technology information is fed in from before. Post this personalized phishing attack is created for the target audience. This helps the solution to keep a track of the user response. Myriad social behaviors towards these attacks are generated and a detailed report is set up based on it. In addition to that, these solutions provides statistics on user behavior, estimates the percentage of security awareness amidst the employees, recognizes data leakage,  evaluates Data Loss Prevention programs as well as examines the incident response program.

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