The vice chancellor of the University of Ghana, Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owuau said there are opportunities for research grants across the various schools and units and therefore, urged the various colleges to come out with innovative research agendas to chart a new path of research engagements that will enhance the faculty of students in research development.

According to Professor Owusu, there is no doubt that, we live in a globally competitive world and universities all over the world have to compete for recognition and visibility.

“Since taken over as vice Chancellor in August, 2016, I sort to put into place measures to enhance our research and teaching agendas. In during some partnerships, the university has extended its traditional historical ties with universities and organizations in Europe and America into other regions such as Asia and Latin America.

We’ve entered into collaborative agreements with institutions in China, Japan and more recently with Mexico. We hope that, these partnerships and collaborations will lead to faculty of students exchanges and boost research activities amongst faculty of students,” Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu noted.

He made these remarks, as the special guest of honour at the 3rd International Research Conference of the College of Humanities of the University of Ghana, dubbed ‘Humanities Research and the new Waves of Globalization’ on 18th July, 2017, at ISSER Conference Centre.

He continued that, the university is still committed to using part of its IGF to support research and will continue through the office of research, innovation and development to make these funds available for research by the faculty and students.

“We have in the recent past, also obtained significant research grants from the welcom trust and the canagy foundation of Newyork to support research activities in the university,” he revealed.

Adding that, the College of Humanities is the most divest of the Colleges in the university.

“I will like to make a special appeal to all faculties to endeavour to put in more efforts to make the university of Ghana, the go through university we seek.” Professor Ebeneze Owusu.

In her speech on the other hand, the Acting Country Director, United Nations Population Fund, Erika Jean Goldson said, the world has become a borderless, or a global village, thanks to the technological revolution.

She said, it is the growth of science and technology that facilities technological transfer, that is shaping the way we in social science, arts, business and law, referred to as the Humanity conduct research.

According to Erika Goldson, depending on the disciplinary focus, the method of in research in Humanities is either focused on qualitative, quantitative or a mixed of both.

That, the quantum leap in computing power that now rises through clouds computing to the exchange and shared storage engine such as the Dropbox, Google exchange servers, etc, which have facilitated global research collaborations across continents the has never been seen in history before.

“Global environmental crises such as air pollution, climate change and global warming are global problems that has ripple effects on all aspects of the wellbeing of people, therefore, it requires global research efforts to address them.” Erika Jean Goldson called.

By:Sammy Adjei/