News about the collapse of an abandoned Galamsey pit at Kubekrom Abease near Prestea Nsuta in the Western Region that trapped 14 miners is  sad  indeed. If the people involved are not  found early enough they may lose their lives. It is one of the dangerous gold pits that is not good to work in . the sad incident  goes to justify the governments worry and that of concerned Ghanaians   over  such sites leading to  the  campaign launched by media groups together with  Occupy Ghana towards eliminating illegal mining in Ghana.

Accordingt to  reports  from reliable  sources, the 80 metre pit was abandoned when government declared war against illegal mining . However the illegal miners  found a way to cunningly go back to the pit at night to mine gold . tit bits of  Information have it that ,five of the miners  have been rescued and are being interogated by the police.  It is sad that Ghanaian citizens have  to suffer this calamity  perhaps leading to their death . It means that despite the call for all Ghanaians and non Ghanaias   to stay away from Galamsey, the call has fallen on deaf ears and  it is very much being practiced by some  youngmen and women.

Those  who intend to get involved in illegal mining must know that the venture is dangerous therefore  they must  stay away from it.  It means

that apart ftrom Kubekrom Abease in the Western Region there might be many illegal minning pits in all parts of the country including the northern part of Ghana  being operated on the blindside of the security operatuives like the police and the Minerals Commission.

Although  the Ghana Water Company says the water quality in the mining areas is improving, with the upsurge of secret surface mining, we are in danger of getting back to the days when all our rivers  were polluted. The danger in this is that dangerous chemicals such as cianide may find their way into our streams.

It has come to light that some traditional rulers and other influential men and women including foreighners are behind the illegal minning. Quite recently some   foregners were arrested for their involvement in illegal mining . We hardly know what is being done  to send them out of the country as no Ghanaian would be permited to engage in surface mining in their countries.

While campaigning against it, we must get hold of all those behind illegal mining in Ghana including the men and women from China, India and Ukraine. We should also deploy  a sizeable number of  security personnel to monitor and investigate the operations of illegal miners throughout the country. In order for us to succceed in  fighting against illegal mining,the minerals commision must be made to cancell all licenses of small scale miners because the registered small scale miners are those  who employ those who engage in Galamsey.

Most of the small scale miners operate  in shallow wells that are very close to rivers making it easy for them to polute our rivrers. The campaign by the media houses is good  and timely as it creates awareness nationwide on the mining menace. Apart from making noise  being made  on air, on television and social media they need to be assisted . The government must help by pushing through parliament, the necessary legislation to check illegal mining . Parliament must also help to strenghten the arms of the Ghana  Minerals Commission , the  police and other security operatives to eliminate out illegal mining from Ghana.

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai