The pair star together in the emotional drama – which follows two teenagers with cystic fibrosis who fall in love in hospital – and they enjoyed getting “drunk” and letting their hair down when they got time off.

Speaking on ‘Busy Tonight’, Cole said: “She took us on the most wild strip club tour inside of New Orleans.”I felt like, I’m too sheltered because I was a 23-year-old woman-girl-person and I had never been to a strip club.

“We were in New Orleans, doing this heavy movie, and, like, on the weekends, all I wanted to do was get drunk and go to strip clubs. So, that’s what we did.”

But Cole – who shot to fame alongside his twin brother Dylan in ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ when he was just 12 years old – was unable to go unrecognised.

He quipped: “Apparently a lot of the strippers watch Disney Channel.”

However, his co-star didn’t even notice because she was too mesmerised by the “inspiring” women on stage.

She said: “Did they recognise you? I was honestly too into watching them [that] I forgot that I was with anyone. Because they’re incredible… There’s a way to be a stripper and it to be magnificent and athletic and incredible and inspiring.

“I think… I was like, ‘How are you doing that? And you’re making that much money. And you’re getting a workout. And you’re hot!’ ”

After starting the night at a female strip club, the pair ended their evening watching men – but it was a more sedate affair.

Haley laughed: “It was Magic Mike. We didn’t see any weenies.

“You could see the shape of wieners, but we couldn’t see, like, wieners.”

Cole agreed: “Alcohol and dongs are a no go.”



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