The atmospheric cold currently being experienced in Southern Ghana would continue for the next

four weeks.
?The cold would come to an end between the second and third

week of September,” Mr. Tetteh Portuphy, Senior Meteorologist at

the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Kotoka International Airport, told

the Ghana News Agency, in an interview.

He said judging by weather indicators, the atmospheric cold,

which typically intensifies at night, would not abate, until the

predicted time.

?The country is going through a weather condition known as the

?little dry spell,? which is characterized by a fall in temperature

along the coast of the country,? the senior meteorologist said.

Mr. Portuphy said occasional drizzling was just a

characteristic of the weather and not a signal of the second and

minor rainy season.

He said the weather held great advantage for fishermen,

explaining that cold currents brought nutrients to the sea surface.

?Fish follow these nutrients to the sea surface in their

numbers, and they become easy catch for fishermen,? said Mr.


Source : GNA/


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