Col. Shaban Bantariza

Col. Shaban Bantariza

Dressed in a light blue Kauda suit, Bantariza reported to his office yesterday after he was reappointed to deputize Ofwono Opondo, the executive director of Uganda Media Centre.

?The President signed instruments of appointment that?s why I am back ready to do my role of a communicator between the people and Government,? Bantariza told New Vision.

He pointed out that his mandate is to communicate information to the public regarding government?s policies, programmes, plans and projects.

He said in role of channeling out information about government?s projects, he would also inform the public the latter?s failures and what is being done to address the challenges it has faced.

?I will tell the people what went wrong according to plan and what is expected of government and inform them of the achievements made,? he said.

As the country warms up for electioneering, the deputy government spokesman explained that Uganda Media Centre will not propagate political messages to the public as it is outside their mandate.

He said political messages will originate from NRM secretariat and it will be handled by the spokesperson of the party.

By Francis Emorut, The New Vision


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