Coded, a member of award winning formidable group (4×4), has apologised to ‘Ghana Must Go’ movie producer, Yvonne Okoro, for liking a page on social media (Instagram) which talks bad things about Ghanaian female celebrities.

The apologetic member took to his official Instagram page and posted a picture of Miss Okoro and rendered an unqualified apology to the award winning actress.

According to the featured wicked and bad ragga singer, “I want to use this platform to say sorry to Yvonne okoro…there is a page on Instagram disrespecting our celebrity ladies and I mistakenly liked Yvonne’s picture on the page.”

He added: “I have so much respect for all the ladies in the industry and I will never disrespect any lady by supporting another person. Please forgive me Yvonne I’m not a saint myself, I’m really sorry.”

Source: Today Newspaper


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