GNA-The Half-Assini Magistrate Court has imposed a 480-Ghana-Cedi fine on Adama Abdulai, 25, from Bonyere near Tikobo Number One, f or stealing 2,500 dried coconuts belonging to his father.

wpid-coconut-240x300.jpgAbdulai who is unemployed, pleaded guilty, and will serve a jail term of six months in hard labour if he fails to pay the fine.

The court presided over by Mr Abdul Majid Illiasu, ordered that the retrieved coconuts be returned to the owner.

Prosecuting, Police Sergeant Isaac E. Otoo, told the court that the complaint, Mr Ibrahim Ekoboe (Jnr), 35, and accused are brothers resident at Bonyere.

He said the complainant takes care of two coconut plantations of the father at different locations in the town.

The prosecution said of late the plantations have been experiencing series of thefts and the accused person suspected to be responsible, was warned not to step there.

The prosecutor said on July 8 the complainant had information that Abdulai was loading some dried coconuts into a KIA vehicle in one of the plantations.

He said the complainant rushed to the farm but did not find either Abdulai or the truck.

He said a driver from the town during his investigation, told him he was taken to the plantation by Abdulai for some dried coconut and led him to where he off-loaded them.

According to the prosecution, the complainant and other siblings kept surveillance on the coconuts.

He said at about 1445 hours on July 9 when Abdulai went to peel and load them for market, he was arrested and sent to the Bonyere Police Station.

The prosecution said he admitted the offence in his caution statement.

Passing sentence, the Magistrate said Abdulai’s explanation of going to use proceeds from the stolen coconuts to learn carpentry because the father was not caring for him, was not justifiable.

He said Abdulai was not a minor to be cared-for by the parents, or a young person to be supported in his career.


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