The attention of management of Coconut Grove Hotels has been drawn to comments made by Mr Charles Kofi Wayo, the founder and leader of the United Renaissance Party (URP), to the effect that we pay our workers slave wages.

Ordinarily, we would have overlooked the comments as one of the numerous comic reliefs of Kofi Wayo. However with the rave of commentary that the comments have received both in the local and international media including many websites, we are forced to correct the erroneous impression that the Wayo comments might have created in the minds of many Ghanaians and the international publics.

Let me state categorically that no member of staff of Coconut Grove Hotels receives a monthly salary of GH¢70 as stated by Kofi Wayo.

I state without fear of contradiction that every member of staff of the company is covered by our Human Resource policy that includes the payment of Social Security contributions of all workers and the fact that owners of the company have instituted a special pension scheme where Coconut Grove Hotels matches up 15% for all contributors of the scheme.

The hotel employs so many people and provide livelihood for some 1000 Ghanaians who are within the chain of suppliers and service providers of the Ghanaian economy.

I am aware that no worker of other businesses that make up the Groupe Nduom Companies who are more than 3000 is paid below the minimum wage in Ghana, and wish to state that over the years, the Groupe Nduom companies have employed some of the most skilled and successful Ghanaian businessmen and women.

Ralph Ayitey,

General Manager

(Coconut Grove Hotels)

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