Ghana Cocoa Board Mr. Kwabena Opuni
Ghana Cocoa Board Mr. Kwabena Opuni

The Ghana Cocoa Board(COCOBOD) in collaboration with International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) has organized a four days seminar for stakeholders hailing from Cocoa Producing countries in order to help sustain global cocoa economy.

Ghana Cocoa Board Mr. Kwabena Opuni
Ghana Cocoa Board Mr. Kwabena Opuni
The Seminar was also aimed at sharpening the knowledge and equiping the participants with the necessary skills to enable them identify and understand constraints in the cocoa sector.

However, the participants were taken through : Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Cocoa Projects.
The Chief Executive of Ghana Cocoa Board Mr. Kwabena Opuni, speaking during the seminar which was held in Accra, noted that at the end of the programme the participants will stand tall to develope and implement projects to fill knowledge gaps to meet the needs of all stakeholders and esteemed cocoa farmers.

“The world cocoa economy has its own uniqueness. It comprises several stakeholders from governments and private sector, farmers, traders, input and service providers, processors of cocoa beans and manufacturers of cocoa products”, he explained.
Adding that, cocoa is an international commodity, and it therefore imperative that all stakeholders in the cocoa value chain cooperate and coordinate their activities.

“As we embark on programmes to increase productivity, let us develope our skills to support our cocoa farmers to improve their livelihoods”, he emphasized.

He said, over the years several projects have been developed to enhance the sector across the globe. This he cited the Global Cocoa Agenda which was developed under the auspices of ICCO.

According to him, the Global Cocoa Agenda calls for efforts that allow all stakeholders in the cocoa value chain to share its benefits equitably with the key objectives of transforming the sector into a lucrative farming business that is able to provide a living income for cocoa farmers and stakeholders in the sector.

Adding, it will also attract new farmers especially the youth into cocoa farming for a sustainable cocoa economy.

“COCOBOD is at the latter stages of putting together its Cocoa Sector Development Strategy Documents II for a ten -year period until 2025. To be able to achieve the objectives of our various Cocoa Sector Development Strategic documents, we need to develope a path that will lead us to goals”, Mr. Opuni, stressed.

The Executive Director, International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) Dr. Jean-Marc Anga, commended Ghana as a country for its unwavering support to the ICCO and its work.

According to him, Ghana has been a founding and very active member of the ICCO since its creation in 1973.
He indicated that, the ICCO has signed a $400 million MoU with African Export-Import Bank(Afreximbank) at the of last year to help boost the development of Cocoa sector in Africa, foster the long-term competitiveness of smallholder cocoa farmers.

And to support the local cocoa and chocolate products industry, reinforce their capacity to participate in global trade. He has therefore challenged businessmen and women to take advantage of the opportunity.
However, the seminar attracted participants from Cameroon, C?te d’lvoire, Gabon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo, France, Israel, Germany and USA as well.

By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/


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