Community Anti-Drug Coalition of Ghana
Community Anti-Drug Coalition of Ghana

The National Steering Committee of the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of Ghana (CADCOG) has adopted a constitution and an action plan to fight against the decriminalisation of the use of narcotic drugs in the country.

The CADCOG is a group of community-based organisations with the vision of making Ghana a drug-free and its documents were approved at the Coalition’s first National Steering Committee meeting in Accra on the theme: “Protecting our Communities Against Drug Use in Ghana.”


The partners of the CADCOG are the Institute of Leadership and Development (INSLA), Coalition on Narcotic Control Law (CNCL) and the Vision for Alternative Development (VALD).

Mr Issah Ali, the Programme Advisor and the Director of CADCOG in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said the Coalition would ensure that the communities were free from drug use so that the people would look healthy to contribute effectively to the economy.

He called on the government to make sure that the drug control measures were implemented in accordance with the international convention and that it was not right for people to be allowed to use drugs.

He gave the assurance that the Coalition would work with community leaders to reduce the drug menace.

Mr Abdul Rashied Shaib, the Acting Coordinator of CODCOG said the smoking of marijuana and the use of other hard drugs were dangerous to the health of the user and influenced abnormal behaviour and caused a threat to the lives of community members.

He appealed to stakeholders to come on board to support the Coalition to kick against the legalisation of marijuana to save the citizens from drug addiction.


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