Michael Essien and his manager, Jose Mourinho

Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien has categorically stated that coaching is out of his plans when he retires from active football.

The Ghana international stated in his monthly Chelsea blog that he does not have ?the stomach to be a coach?.

?I don?t think I will be going into coaching after football. It takes a unique type of person to be a coach and I don?t feel I am that type of person,? the Bison admitted.

?You can never say never but I am sure coaching is not for me I?m afraid.?

Answering a question from a reader about the kind of profession he would opt for his children, Essien said: ?My kids will be free to decide what they want to do and if that means taking up football then I will support them.

?As a kid I was allowed to choose what I wanted to do and I chose football. The same will apply to my kids.?

Source-Daily Guide


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