Coach Dr. Asare’s Boxing Outreach Tour

Ghana Boxing Federation technical director Coach Dr. Kwesi Ofori Asare was in the Ashanti region this week as he continues with the regional outreach tour to find solutions and answers for Ghana Boxing.

Some of his observations are lack of training equipment and bouts as the major problems affecting the Ashanti region.


He noted that the region want to stage boxing bouts and exhibitions, but they lack promoters at both the amateur and professional levels, while there are no boxing halls or centers, with everything being done in the open.

He said the lack of fights is the main reason why the people are not interested in boxing, however there are many people who wish and want the Ghana Boxing Authority and the Ghana Boxing Federation to support so that they can generate the interest of the youth and more girls to take part in boxing.

According to Coach Asare, the tour has been very useful, and the authorities, especially the National Sports Authority (NSA) must sit up and solve the problems in the regions.

He said there is no problem that cannot be solved and the people in the Ashanti region deserve better as there are many people who love boxing, but they have shifted attention to other things because there are no bouts or programmes on boxing.

His next move will see him in the Brong Ahafo region and possible in the north and upper regions.


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