Center for National Affairs (CNA), an advocacy group has added its voice to Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom?s call for all presidential candidates to declare their public assets, health status, income tax returns and sources of campaign funding before filing nomination to contest for elections.

The group therefore commended the PPP flag bearer for this initiative, adding that ?this indeed is a positive and bold declaration from the PPP.?

It would be recalled that Dr. Nduom on Tuesday August 21, 2012 at a press conference in Accra threw a challenge to President John Mahama and Nana Akufo Addo of the NPP to declare their stand on the above features before filing to contest in this year?s election and while at this he first showed the way by saying;?I will submit myself to a comprehensive medical examination at a health facility approved by the Ministry of Health and release the report to the public as soon as I file nomination papers to officially become a candidate for the 2012 presidential election.?

Against this backdrop, CNA dared all the presidential candidates to state their position on Dr. Nduom?s proposal.

At a press conference in Accra yesterday and addressed by its Senior Policy Analyst, Rocky Obeng, CNA charged President John Mahama to publicly declare a probe into his private life and state whether he is corrupt or not adding that Nana Addo at the Institute of Economic Affairs (I.E.A) Presidential Debate declared that he was ?not corrupt.?

Rock Obeng chided the media for not focusing on issues that would nip the niggling issues of corruption in the bud but rather focus on issues that seek to promote individual candidates.

He noted that what Ghana needs is a leader of proven integrity and credibility which must be what the media and Ghanaians should primarily center on.

With just about three months to go, CNA believes that this should be the best way to go.

?Our nation is saddled with high levels of corruption which has taken many resources from the development of the nation; many people are languishing in abject poverty,? Rock Obeng remarked.

On this note, the Policy analyst hinted of stack revelations on the never ending issues of judgment debts that have bedeviled the nation by next week.


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