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Tarch House Production Limited is deeply concerned and worried about the raw deal handed to the three Northern Regions during the auditioning for finalists to contest the 2012 edition of the Club Miss Tourism Pageantry. For the fourth year running girls with little knowledge about tourism and the culture of the people of the three northern regions have consistently been chosen to represent the three regions at the finals of the tourism pageantry at the expense of prospective contestants who are indigenes of the three regions with well grounded knowledge in the culture and tourism potentials of the regions.

We at Tarch House Production having monitored activities and processes of the Club Miss Tourism event for the past three years decided to take keen interest in this year?s event to know why prospective contestants of northern descent are always dropped and others from other parts of the country are picked to represent the north. At the end of the auditioning process on Saturday August 11, 2012 we uncovered that organizers of the event even before the audition had already handpicked the ten finalists for this year?s event thus the auditioning process was just ceremonial and an act to justify the budget allocated for the audition by the Tourism Ministry. The eventual selection of the ten finalists was shrouded in secrecy and smacks of deliberate and well calculated discrimination against Northern Ghana at the time that well meaning Ghanaians are crying for national unity.

Our source at the audition revealed to us that the contestants who auditioned to represent the north performed creditably and eloquently to the admiration of all in the hall especially with their deep knowledge not only of culture and tourism of northern Ghana but the rest of the country and beyond. We are therefore giving the organizers of the Club Miss Tourism Pageant within one week to take immediate steps to give fair representation to Northern Ghana in this year?s event else Tarch House Production will mobilize the people, opinion leaders and traditional rulers within the north to institute legal action to put an injunction on the 2012 edition of the Miss Tourism event. This premeditated and predetermined discrimination must end now!!!

There are also very serious lingering questions among others desiring truthful responses as to why some of the ten finalists selected defied the dress code for the audition and why some of them never filled the audition forms whiles others could not meet the deadline for picking up the audition forms but rather came to the venue for the audition in the company of the judges and the outgoing miss tourism to pick the forms and still made it to the finals.

The core values of Tarch House Production seek to promote the culture and entertainment in Northern Ghana, thus we are by this press release calling on organizers of club miss tourism to take immediate steps towards addressing this disparity and unjust competition since we are not going to relent in our quest to ensure that do the right thing or they forget about this year?s contest.

Mohammed Dasana (Citizen Mo)
Events and Brands Manager
Tarch House Production Limited.
[email protected]


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