Ezi Savings and Loans clients
Ezi Savings and Loans clients
Ezi Savings and Loans clients
Ezi Savings and Loans clients

The Nungua Branch of Ezi Savings and Loans (eSL) Company, on Tuesday, besieged by a number of? customers who wanted to withdraw their monies from the company out of fear that the company was running out of cash and might be closed down.

Some angry clients who spoke to this paper, alleged that for the past one month, the Nungua branch of the Ezi Savings and Loans has not been able to honor their (customers) ?redrawal ?requests whenever they are in to withdraw cash, hence the fear that something might be wrong.

According to some of the clients, if a client requests for GHc5,000, the authorities of the bank will use their discretion to give the client GHc200.00, less than 10% of the requested amount.

The clients who had gathered in front of the offices of the company further explained that this has been going on for sometimes and they decided to withdraw their monies.

Ebenezer Asiedu is one of the client of the bank, he told the Daily Express that

a month ago, a friend called to inform him that a lot of people are withdrawing their monies from the company so he should do same.

?I later heard that the authorities of the bank want to close the bank down,? he alleged, arguing why the authorities of the bank were refusing to give them their requested amount if the rumors were false.

Checks by the?Daily Express revealed?that, that particular branch of Nungua Ezi Savings and Loans has short of cash for sometimes now.

As at the time of going to press, the Daily Express had not received any response?from the company despite several telephone calls?made to one Mr. Odum, who is believed to be the branch Manager.

Ezi Savings and Loans Limited (eSL) started operations as Johnsons Savings and Loans in March, 1995. The company was incorporated as a private Company limited by shares and received a certificate to commence business on February 12, 1996.

Source:??Fred Yaw Sarpong


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