Cletus Avoka
Merbank Sale Confusion Rocks Lawmakers

Mr Cletus Avoka, incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Zebilla, on Wednesday lost to Mr Frank Fuseini Adongo of the NPP, a 56-year old Medical Assistant and private businessman in the Parliamentary election.

Mr Avoka lost by 22,121 as against 22,361 for Mr Adongo.

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) candidate, Mr Anafo Benjamin, polled 388, while Mr Elijah ZuiZagsigi of the National Democratic Party (NDP) polled 194 votes.

The others are Mr Apambilla Joel of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) who scored 298.

At the Garu Constituency, Mr Albert Akuka Alalzuuga, District Chief Executive for Garu-Tempane, was declared the new Member of Parliament elect for the Garu Constituency on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He polled 12,809 to beat his fiercest rival Mr Alhassan Samari, former Regional Minister in the Kufour Administration, who polled 10,856.

The provisional result announced by the EC mentioned the other candidates as Mr Alhassan Rahman of the NDP, who polled 92, Mr Ussif Shaka Nambe of the CPP, 48, and Mr Peter Yakubu Pandam an Independent Candidate polled 52 votes.

In the Presidential ballot, the NDC polled 14,484, NDP 47, NPP 8806, PNC 127 and Independent 44.

At the Tempane Constituency the incumbent, Mr David Adams Adakudugu, lost his position to Mr Joseph Dindioke Kpemka with 10,697 as against 13,363.

The other contestants were Dr Francis Adams Asaana, an Independent candidate, 2,925, and Mr Samson Ayara of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) polling 132 votes.

At the Pusiga Constituency, incumbent Hajia Lardi Ayamba polled 12,814 to maintain her seat while Mr Osman Aludiba Ayuba of the NPP got 7,205. Independent candidate Simon Akunye Atimgban polled 8,405.

In the Presidential Election, the NPP got 8,560, CPP 150, NDP 741, NDC 16,761, PPP242, PNC 464 and the Independent 964 votes respectively.

Polls in this constituency were generally peaceful.

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